If you are interested in joining Dog On It Agility Club of Central Florida (DOI), please complete the Membership Form and email DOI at doiagility@gmail for more information.

MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS PRIVILEGES! Everyone who joins Dog On It is given priority access to classes at our training field. Spots are reserved for Dog On It members in every class, and some instructors (at their discretion) also give price discounts to Dog On It members. Additionally, all members receive title plaques and bars for USDAA titles at club expense for titles earned during membership, and all members are invited to our annual Holiday Party.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP includes even more benefits! Active Members are eligible for participation on Dog On It DACOF teams (with trial-ready dogs) and can choose (for an additional fee) to become Field Members, which includes unlimited access to DOI equipment at the training field.

To be considered an Active Member, an individual must (1) attend a minimum of one club meeting per year and (2) volunteer at two DOI trials per year, or serve on the Trial Committee for one DOI trial per year, or serve on the DOI Board.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS: Existing members' membership renewals will be due on August 31. Send your completed membership renewal form and dues to our Club Treasurer.

Click Here for DOI's Membership Form